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Chicago, IL Water Damage, Crime Scene Cleaning and Hoarding Clean Up

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Chicago, IL Water Damage, Crime Scene Cleaning and Hoarding Clean Up

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Chicago, IL Water Damage, Crime Scene Cleaning and Hoarding Clean Up
Chicago, IL Water Damage, Crime Scene Cleaning and Hoarding Clean Up

Located in Crown Point serving Chicago, IL and surrounding areas

Combined Services

Serving the local region for many years, Wecleanclutter.com provides both residential and commercial specialty services for any problem or issue you may have. We are a certified provider offering highly trained and licensed staff ready with the skills to fulfill any industry requirement.

What we are about

Customized Residential and Commercial Services

We are committed to excellence and that means that we never consider any project to be complete until our clients are completely satisfied. Whether you are a hard-working business owner looking to improve productivity and the overall workplace environment or a conscientious homeowner concerned about the safety and security of your family, we will tailor services to suit your home or business location.

Customized Services

The services you require will be clearly outlined within our general and comprehensive plan, in addition to any customized options you may require that can easily be incorporated into our standard service agreement. Our highly rated customer care evaluations and complimentary client testimonials clearly demonstrate our commitment to providing value and quality to every project we undertake.

Additional Services

  • Crime Scene Cleaning
  • Hoarding Clean Up

Wecleanclutter.com Service Guaranteed

Flexible Scheduling – Depending on the specific requirements of your home or business, we can arrange for services on a weekly, monthly or daily basis at cost-effective rates. We offer special saving incentives based on service frequency.

Reasonable Rates – While prices vary depending on size and location, Wecleanclutter.com bases all service costs on a flat rate fee and depending on your specific requirements. Any additional services you may require will typically not exceed a pre-set maximum cost. We provide comprehensive written estimates and clear task checklists from the outset so you never have to worry about hidden fees or misunderstandings.

Certified Staff – Each member of our licensed and bonded service team has been carefully selected and subjected to a complete background check. Our staff has extensive experience with both the commercial and residential sectors and places safety and security as its highest priority.

Advanced Knowledge and Equipment – In addition to our highly trained and professional team of technicians, we are committed to providing the most advanced technology available and keep up-to-date with the latest industry developments. Both staff and management teams are required to attend annual tradeshows and regular training reviews to ensure clients receive the highest level of service: both in quality and efficiency.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quality control is an important part of how we do business. We keep the lines of communication open and welcome and encourage feedback regarding any of our residential and commercial services. Whether you require a one-time service, or have signed up for an extended service contract, we verify your level of satisfaction throughout the process of the job and will make improvements when need be. We also provide timely follow-up maintenance checks.

Detailed Written Estimates and Service Contracts

Dependability and accountability are two of our indispensable core values. We back up our commitment to our valued residential and commercial clients with detailed written estimates and clearly outlined service contracts to avoid any problems down the line.

Contact us by phone, email or via the online request form on this site for a no- obligation and free consultation to discuss your needs.